Look no Further than Carson.
Ox proudly offers Carson's entire line of RV Sport trailers. They've been building toy haulers for over 20 years and are considered today to be one of the dominant manufacturers in the industry. As a family owned business, they take tremendous pride in their product, personally using the trailers they build and sell for their own enjoyment.

Pull Front Kitchen
Lengths 16' to 28'
Pull Front Bed
Lengths 23' to 32'
Pull Front Bath
Lengths 20' to 32'

Superior Service & Support.
Carson has complete parts division and has become the largest trailer parts supplier in the United States, offering expert advice and parts for any make, model, and year. They never stop testing their products, continually innovate and stand by everything they say and do.

Fifth Wheel
Lengths 24' to 34'
Travel Trailer
Lengths 10' 6"

This is Your Trailer.
Almost everything about your toy hauler is customizable. Carson can reconfigure your design features and even engineer to suit. Special appliances? No problem. Add a refrigerator, AC unit or electric vent fans? For sure. They can add or remove interior walls, cabinets and even windows. If you can dream it, they'll create it.