Meet Your New Go-to Workhorses.
No doubt, the Carson landscape and utility trailers are built to deliver the dependable service you expect from a great trailer. Whether it's for those monster backyard landscape projects or for everyday hardcore farm use, you can bet a landscape or utility trailer from Carson will deliver those goods. They're available in Carson's most popular colors, have a ton of great features & options, and Ox Trailer has got them all.

One and Two Axle
One and Two Axle

Known for Toughness.
Carson's sturdy landscape trailers are flat-out tough and you'll come to depend on yours for all your landscape projects. Available in both one and two axle configurations, they host options like breakaway kits, chrome wheels, wrap-around tongues, and raised sides. 2' high side walls and pipe top railing give you 30" of total wall height, great for moving large household items like stoves and refrigerators as well as for traditional landscape uses like hauling dirt, gravel and bricks. Reinforced sidewalls and corrugated metal siding make these rugged workhorses perfectly designed to get the job done.

The Ultimate Utility Trailer.
Carson's utility trailers have become a staple in the trailer industry. With one and two axle configurations, a slew of options like winch mounts, barn-door gates, electric and hydraulic brakes and dropped axles, your new Carson utility trailer will be the workhorse you'll come to depend on again and again. Plus, they are available in tons of awesome colors and Ox Trailer has them all!

Available Colors
Metallic Gray
Dark Gray
Light Gray
School Bus Yellow
Caterpillar Yellow
Safety Yellow
International Red
Chocolate Brown
Light Blue
Metallic Blue
Gardena Blue
Forest Green
John Deere Green